Built In Dust Protection

Breathe Easy

Our patented silicone enclosure transforms a standard dust mask into comfortable, fog- free dust protection. No straps required.

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Full Coverage UPF50 Protection

Keep your face handsome

Reduce skin cancer risks with protection that doesn't need to be re-applied

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Dual Cooling

Chill out mate

1) Polartec Delta fabric is engineered to keep you cool by inreasing convective heat loss.

2) Standard size re-freezable gel cool packs boost cooling where it counts.

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Barrier from Insects

Tell bush flies to get stuffed

Operating heavy machinery is not the time to be distracted by insects.

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Innovation in workwear

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  • Builder

    " Doesn’t fog my glasses during demolition, and the icepack is a dream! "


  • Lift Technician

    " Having a beard I can’t get a seal with other masks, but with yours I don’t have that prob! "


  • Homeowner

    " This thing was an absolute lifesaver while we were in Bateman’s Bay in the Smoke "