About us

We are an Adeliade based small business, born from the harsh working conditions of the Australian outback.

Founder and engineer Nick Avery, started Outback Mask in 2019 while building solar farms across Australia. Working long shifts in 40+ degree temperatures, extreme UV indexes, dust storms and relentless bush flies led him to create a better solution.

Nick was surpised to ​have found many workers not using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) because of discomfort and incompatibility associated with the available products.

Soon after, tradies from all disciplines and DIY-ers were all asking about Outback Mask.

We proved our MVP effectiveness in 2019-2020 with bushfire smoke and tradies in across Australia.

Now, we are bringing Outback Mask to the masses!

 Outback Mask | ABN: 36155792190

Ethics & Sustainability

We are commited to producing quality products with minimal negative environmental impact. We believe in the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet & Profit. We are inspired by companies like Patagonia and the design principles of Cradle to Cradle.

Our Australian sourcing agents personally audit and vet our factories for working conditions, quality and sustainability.

We ship using 100% compostable, reusable bags from HeroPackaging, when available.

We ship across Australia using Sendle,(when available) which is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral courier service, and a certified B corporation.

Our fabric partner Polartec has commited to 100% recycled materials and biodegradability across their entire product line. The Delta fabric we use contains Tencel, a sustainable fibre from wasted tree pulp.

Future development includes washable and bio degradeable dust filters to further reduce envrionmental impact.