The Problem of Sun Protection

According to the Cancer Council of Australia, Outdoor workers experience up to 10 Times the UV Exposure as indoor workers.

Much of the available sun protection for outdoor workers is often goes unused. The reason? It's uncomfortable or inhibits the job.

Under Protected


Workers rarely reapply every two hours as recommended. Some hate that sunscreen attracts dust and dirt, forming a paste and don't apply at all.

Sunscreen must be stored at less than 30 degrees C as heat can cause the ingredients to separate and lose effectiveness.

Under Utilised

Hard Hat Brims

Hard hat brims are often not used because the job requires tight spaces, experiences high winds which can blow the hard hat off.

  • Scaffolders
  • Rope Access Techicians
  • Mechanics
  • Solar and wind farm workers
  • Drilling Exploration
  • Surface Mining

Itch Factor

Head Socks

Seamless head socks can have limited UV protection, be hot and itchy and block a workers view when fully covered.

Skin Cancer

UV is a real hazard

Decreasing skin cancer risk is not only about the quality of protection, but how long it's used for. This is why Outback Mask was created.

Sun Safety Resources

Cancer Council Resources