What our customers are saying about Outback Mask

We get enquiries from across Australia and overseas, from people fed up with their current workwear and PPE options. Here's just a few examples of what people are saying:

  • Our field crews were looking for dust solutions without masks and I was tasked with looking for options; -Daniel
  • My husband is a rural firefighter and he dislikes using the supplied masks as they are very bulky. - Jessica
  • Would you be willing to ship to the United States? My husband works in harsh outdoor conditions and I can't find another product comparable to this! Awesome mask!  - Tiffini
  • We are currently working on Limondale Solar Farm in Balranald. Would it be possible to get a quote for some of these outback masks? These masks seem as if they would be perfect for the work we are doing. - Niamh
  • We own a motorcycle accessories shop in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa and would like to know where we can purchase Outback Masks please

Landscaper & Gardener

"I have tried basic pm2.5 dust masks from bunnings, expensive 3M biological masks and simple face masks. I can honestly say Outback Mask has been the most comfortable one of the lot. I also appreciate the UV protection this mask offers in addition to the anti-fog design. Seals around an Asian nose well. Great for landscaping/ leaf blowing. Must have for any landscape gardener." - Calvin S.


" This thing was an absolute lifesaver while we were in Bateman's Bay in the Smoke. It let me be outside in extreme conditions breathing comfortably while cleaning up fuel and hosing down the building and roof. It is the only mask I've found which has a really reliable seal (ie when when you take it off you suddenly notice the smoke, but on I can't even smell it. Full P2 Inner mask plus all the fashion high-vis orange outer.

Plus I've used it for gardening too and it worked well for that so it's very much worth the price tag as a multi function thing. "

FIFO Solar Worker

" When I first put on the Outback mask it felt different as it actually has a front and back... I found it was quite comfortable and the front sits well covering all of my nose and right up to my safety glasses. The material breathes very well and my face did not get hot.

While on site, and with a change in wind direction, we had a very smoky day. I did not know it was smoke until I took the mask off for a drink of water, and this is even without any extra protective mask inserted. Overall I am very impressed with the Outback Mask and I will wear this in preference to my others because I know the UV protection I get from it and it is more comfortable."

Home Renovation

"I love it, it doesn't fog my glasses and the ice pack is a dream!" - Nic R

Civil Construction

" It's great, I use it primarily for sun protection, the UV bouncing off the concrete etc." Lachlan A.