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Outback Mask

Outback Mask 2024 Pre Order

Outback Mask 2024 Pre Order

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Pre order now at a discounted price, anticipated shipping April 2024!

Our new Patented Design is better than ever!  Outback Mask is a single, flexible garment to protect you from sun, dust, heat and flies while you are working hard.


Dust Protection

Outback Mask provides and alternative option when disposable dust masks seal poorly, are uncomfortable, incompatible with other PPE, and aren't providing long term protection to workers. 

Our patented silicone exoskelton is designed to fit most disposable dust masks.  Larger Cupped Masks like the 3M 8511 , 8322 , 83128577 fit inside the enclosure, using the sealing lip.

Smaller masks like the 3M 8822 and ProChoice PC 321 are designed to sit outside of the silicone exoskeleton. The silicone exoskelton provides even sealing pressure along the entire perimeter, unlike the 4 point straps.

Do I need to use this? No! Without the silicone enclosure, a rigid dust masks like the  Promesh PC822, or others can also be directly inserted into the front pocket. 

When dust protection isn't required, the front pocket can remain empty, providing UV and heat protection.

Notice: Outback Mask is not a respirator.  It is designed to provide increased protection against nuisance airborne dusts from fabric face masks. This product is not designed to filter fine toxic dusts or gases. It does not provide suitable protection from welding fumes, viruses, bacteria, spores or fungi. Outback mask is not rated for bush firefighters, but is useful for bushfire smoke environments. Wearing a dust mask without the supplied straps may invalidate the certification. Always consult your HSE representative when considering respiratory protection. 


Anti- Fogging Design

Built in foam seals on the sides of the nose improve sealing when wearing a dust mask. A better seal means no exhaled breath fogging your glasses. We recommend using dust masks with exhalation valves for best results.

UV Protection

  • Polartec Delta UPF 50 fabric in high-vis orange colour. A Polyester and Tencel blend, the fabric blocks the harsh UV rays, while allowing wind to travel through and keep you cool.

Heat Stress Protection

Outback Mask is crafted with the most cutting-edge cooling fabric available, top-of-the-line Polartec Delta material to achieve maximum cooling. Learn why below:

Still too hot?  Boost the chill factor by sliding in a frozen gel pack or two into the neck pocket, providing about an hour of active cooling that feels great.

We include one gel pack with every Outback Mask to get you started. We recommend purchasing additional gel packs and storing them in the freezer or eski on your worksite. Everytime you take a break, swap out the packs and head back out.

Insect Protection

There's nothing more annoying or distracting than a cloud of thirsty bushflies. With full coverage of the face, ears and neck, bush flies are kept at bay.


We currently offer one adult size in high vis-orange.   The Polartec Delta fabric stretches horizontally to adapt to most heads. The velcro strap at on the next can be used to tighten the fabric if required.

Long hair? No worries, stick your ponytail through the gap at the back.


Comfort & Ease

The patented Outback Mask front pocket is designed for comfort and ease of use. 

  • Easy to pull mask up and down for breaks when required.
  • Our patented design puts smooth fabric against your face, no itchy dust mask! 
  • Outback Mask is designed and recommended to be used with hard hats and bike helmets, but can also be used without them.
  • The mask can be used with or without a dust mask and gel pack. Flexible protection whenever you need it. 


  • Polartec Delta Fabric is made with 20% Tencel Lyocell, one of the most sustainable fabrics available. Polyester yarns are availabe in up to 50% recycled PET content. The fabric acts as a washable prefilter, extending the life of disposable dust masks. 
  • Shipped in reusable, compostable mailers with carbon neutral shipping when available.

Care of your Outback Mask

Bacteria in your sweat can grow on your mask if not cleaned. After work, remove dust filter and cool pack and machine wash warm. Hang dry and squeeze excess water from foam seals, do not tumble dry. Hand wash silicone exoskeleton with warm water and antibacterial soap.

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